High reliability Lead-free post flux. / SP-007

Excellent wettability make a good through-hole and significantly reduce the Solder-bridge of the IC.

Basic specification

Conventional SP-007 Note
Exterior and color Liquid / Pale yellow transparency Liquid / Pale yellow transparency
Specific gravity 0.810}0.010 0.820}0.010
Solid content 15}2% 15}2%
Chloric content 0.06}0.02% 0.06}0.02% JIS Z3197
Spreading factor 78}3% 80}3% JIS Z3197
(Used solder material is Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu)
Insulation resistance More than1~1011 More than1~1011 JIS Z3197
Residue corrosiveness No corrosiveness No corrosiveness JIS Z3197

Comparison in Solder-bridge of IC