Low-cost Lead-free solder paste / BT LF 220

It can be mounted in a conventional equivalent temperature profile and Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu.

Basic specification

Sn Ag Cu Other
LLS 220 Bal. 1.0 0.7 X
LLS 225 Bal. 0.3 0.7 -
(Reference)LLS 219 Bal. 3.0 0.5 -

Senju Metal Industry patentc

Basic characteristic

BT Test method
Viscosity(Pa·s) 190 JIS Z3284
Halogen content(%) 0.01 JIS Z3284
Steel plate corrosion test Pass JIS Z3284
Insulation resistance(Ω)Conditions B More than 1.0~109 JIS Z3284
Flux content(%) 11.2 JIS Z3197

Continuous printing performance

Electromigration test