Quality Assurance

ICP and the Latest Inspection Equipment Ensure Product Quality
Complete Quality Control, from Raw Material to Shipping and Inspections

Solder Coat acquired ISO 9001 certification?considered essential by manufacturers today?in 1998. High-precision testing equipment configured in an integrated system covers every aspect, from evaluation testing and component analysis to the thorough quality controls performed by our manufacturing division, all to ensure total reliability.
Our internal compliance program (ICP) is used to analyze each raw material lot individually. Under this system, we cross-check with data supplied by the supplier, and if any defect is found, we trace the supply chain back to the source to pinpoint the problem.

We also provide solder bath cleaning, inspection and repair of peripheral equipment, and other supplementary services. Dealing with copper corrosion at factories and other measures to maintain a comfortable usage environment is considered to be one aspect of quality assurance.

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