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Vertical Leveler(Solder Coater)

Solder levelers which are ideal for preprocessing of circuit boards.

1.Lead-free solder design

  • Stabilization of solder temperature is realized by large capacity of the pipe heater and enlarged size of solder bath.
  • Lead-free SUS316 is used for the material of solder bath to prevent corrosion of the solder bath.
  • Increased air heater capacity stabilizes the set air temperature.

2.Highly reliable HS-651 structure for the driving section

  • A structure similar to HS-651 is adopted as the driving section to ensure realibility.

3.Highly efficient & energy saving vertical type leveler

  • Vertical type leveler is applied in order to save space and improve speed

1.Touch panel system

  • All functions are centrally controlled.
  • Pipe heater control allows minute control of solder temperature.
  • Data are recorded and stored.
  • Past data can be called up for reapplication.
  • Data can be transferred to PC for accumulation and editing.

2.Lead-free exclusive design

  • Increased solder pipe heater capacity stabilizes solder temperature (15kw→17kw)
  • Increased solder bath capacity stabilizes solder temperature (15% larger than the conventional one.)
  • Material of solder bath is changed to SUS316 as an anti-corrosion measure, preventing the corrosion of the bath by lead-free solder.
  • Minute control of solder temperature stabilizes the set solder temperature.

3.Reliable driving section built upon excellent performance

  • HS-601-D structure is adopted as the driving section to increase reliability.
  • Adoption of this compatible structure enables stable supply of parts.
Solder for the leveler(Solder Coater)
Product Alloy composition Capacity per box
LLS 219L Sn-Ag-Cu-X 20kg
LLS 219AL Sn-Ag-X
LLS 220L Sn-Ag-Cu-X
LLS 220AL Sn-Ag-X
LLS 225L Sn-Ag-Cu-X
LLS 225AL Sn-Ag-X
LLS 227L Sn-Cu-X
LLS 227AL Sn-X
 LLS 219L
 Copper corrosion test

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